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The Family Fund was founded by Mandy Hakimi in February of 2018, and has been distributing grants since July, 2019. Having found herself in nonprofit fundraising professionally, and as a working mother, she applied her skills to fill a growing need in the community. Scratch that. The country. But with any giant problem, the solution may come one tiny step at a time. The goal is for Chicago to provide a successful model that can be replicated countrywide!

I couldn't believe that the United States was so behind when it comes to something as essential as paid parental leave. So I decided to do something about it.


-Mandy Hakimi, Family Fund Founder & Director

How Does it Work?

The Family Fund provides a one time gift of up to $1,000 to two Jewish Chicagoland women a month, to help cover the costs of unpaid or underpaid maternity leave.

Our grantees are selected from a very short and simple application process. Jewish working mama living in or near Chicago? Not receiving fully paid maternity leave?

Sounds like you qualify!

Our Mission

Our Vision

The Family Fund's ultimate vision is not to exist! We hope to provide temporary relief for families suffering from lack of leave now, and partner with organizations working to realize government paid parental leave in the future, so that every American family can receive the support they deserve. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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